Best Gatorade Flavor For Colonoscopy Prep

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Best Gatorade Flavor For Colonoscopy Prep. The bowel preparation solution will be consumed in two parts. At 6:00 pm on the evening before your colonoscopy:

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2 days before your colonoscopy. The cranberry juice instantly kills the flavor of the prep liquid and leaves a nice tart cranberry aftertaste. I have done the miralax prep a number of times and use gatorade as well.

I'm Also Eating Regular Sugar Orange Jello.

Please avoid red beverages as this may lead to confusion when the prep takes effect. You're not supposed to ingest anything red during the prep process. The other good thing about this prep, is that you get to drink your own fluids, tea, coffee, gatorade, broth, jello, gingerale, sprite, and so on, all clear fluids count as part of the prep which makes it a lot easier to get down.

What Color Gatorade Is Best For Colonoscopy Prep?

Have a clear liquid diet throughout the day. The bowel preparation solution will be consumed in two parts. That's a bitchload of gatorade, and after that, you're supposed to drink 16 ounces of water.

This Will Form A Light Slurry.

Can you mix colonoscopy prep with gatorade? Preparing for your colonoscopy with miralax gatorade prep purchase the following supplies at and click on purchase prep kit two weeks prior to your procedure. Can i use water instead of gatorade for colonoscopy prep?

Please Avoid Red Beverages As This May Lead To Confusion When The Prep Takes Effect.

This includes water, clear broth or bouillon, black coffee or black tea (sugar is ok to add). No solid foods, milk products, fruits, seeds & nuts. What do i do a day before the colonoscopy?

Keep Cool In The Refrigerator.

Is gatorade zero ok for colonoscopy prep? Remember to use only white cranberry juice. 64 ounces of any clear liquid of your choice that is not red, purple, or.

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