Let it Rain: Soak it for Schools! is a compilation of materials (or ‘kit of parts’) about stormwater relevant to school-aged children throughout the Lake Champlain Basin and beyond.

Schools have the benefit of having one of the best ‘learning laboratories’ at their disposal: the schoolyard. With their large building footprints and often, large impervious parking and play areas, schools are developed areas that contribute their share to stormwater runoff. By gaining the skills in observing storms and paths taken by stormwater, deducing how their campuses impact the larger picture, children will be empowered to be instigators of change, either at school, at home or in their communities for years to come.

Enlist us to deliver materials and lessons on watershed and stormwater education to engage your students in this very important and ‘now’ topic. We are also interested in teachers vetting the materials so we can identify key ‘lessons’ to develop regionally unique tools for facilitating the delivery of what “Soak It” really means for schools in Vermont.

The lessons evolve from a watershed-wide view down to ideas on how students can take action. We are here to support ideas and to help students engage with the subject.

Interested in participating? Want to vet our toolkit with your students? Or for our staff to facilitate a class or two on the topic? Please Contact: Holly Kreiner, Soak it for Schools! Project Manager, holly@winooskirnrcd.org or 802-288-8155 x 104.


Funding for this project was awarded to the Winooski Conservation District (WNRCD) and is funded by an agreement awarded by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission to the New England Interstate Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP). NEIWPCC manages LCBP’s personnel, contract, grand, and budget tasks and provides input on the program’s activities through a partnership with the LCBP Steering Committee.