Public Demonstration Sites

Essex Junction Permeable Pavement Parking Lot – Handy’s Hotels and Rentals, LLC

A local developer was planning new construction on Lincoln St. in Essex Junction. When it came to the parking lot area, Gabe Handy chose an option that allows stormwater to pass through it, rather than run off of it. The product involves extension preparation of the underlayers of the pavement to ensure that there is water holding capacity under the parking surface. This pavement option is an attractive and environmentally sensitive alternative to conventional paving options. Let it Rain provided financial support to help offset some of the higher costs of this paving type. Watershed Consulting Associates designed the stormwater system for this site.

Laying the Sublayers

Installing and grading the sublayers

Parking Lot Completed

Up close view of the surface

Finished lot

Finished parking lot

South Burlington BioRetention Garden – South Burlington Community Library and High School
The South Burlington Community Library was dealing with difficult stormwater conditions in 2012. During any storm event, the huge parking lot that serves the Middle and High School was directing rain water right into the entryway, causing regular flooding and necessitating constant sand bagging at the doors. Staff were concerned for their valuable computer equipment and book collection. Visitors were inconvenienced by library closures as the mess was cleaned up. During the spring months, the saturated soil   caused heaving of the entry walkway leading to unsafe conditions. The library trustees could have made a number of decisions to eliminate their flooding problem – but many of the solutions would not have addressed water quality concerns in the Potash Brook. So, instead of directing all the water into the nearest stormdrain, the South Burlington Library, School District, Department of Public Works and Engineers partnered with us to come up with a solution that will stop rain from entering the building and allow water a chance to percolate into the soil and be released into local waterways more slowly. In the fall of 2012 long landscaping berms were removed from the front of the building to make room for a depression in the landscape. The depression was filled with gravel to allow pore spaces where the stormwater can be held sub-surface. In the spring of 2013, the library is gathering a group of volunteers to haul in planting mix, trees, shrubs and flowers to create a beautiful and functional rain garden. Once installed, this garden will be maintained by volunteers through the Chittenden County Stream Team’s “Adopt-a-Rain-Garden” Program. Want to get involved in the effort? Drop us a line.


S. Burlington Libary Entrance


Landscaping berm pre-construction


S.Burlington Library Construction Drawing.jpg

Construction Engineers Plan