About the Artists

Becca McHale

Becca McHale

I’m a Baltimore-born artist who has been enjoying living in Burlington for the past 12 years.  I studied art all through my childhood, taking classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art on the weekends and then attending Baltimore County’s first Magnet High School for the Arts; Carver Center For Arts and Technology, where I was part of their first graduating class.  I continued my arts education at St. Mary’s College of Maryland – a small liberal arts college.  After college, I was hired as an in-house graphic designer for a consumer product company here in VT.  I’ve been doing graphic art and design for over 10 years and have recently started my own design company – Fruition Graphics.

As an art lover and ardent environmentalist, I am thrilled to be a part of this arts driven program to educate the public about storm water runoff!  It was an honor to have my my logo selected to represent this campaign. Check it out here.



TGoreau pic

Tara Goreau

Tara Goreau is a native Vermonter who currently lives in Burlington. After studying foundations in studio art in New Zealand, she returned to Vermont and received her BFA from Johnson State College in 2011. Since then, she has had luck finding work as a muralist all over VT, but mostly in the beautiful NEK (North East Kingdom). Some of her pieces include murals at High Mowing Seeds, Pete’s Greens, Jasper Hill Creamery, the Galaxy Bookshop, and Quarry Hill Farm. She also paints signs, portraits, and does the occasional logo.
She plans to earn her MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art beginning this fall.
Check out her website at www.arteatergallery.com and her rain barrel here.

Nicholas Heilig

Nicholas Heilig

Nicholas Heilig is a native Vermont artist, UVM graduate and Burlington-based emcee. He combines his passion for visual art and music by painting live at concerts and festivals throughout New England. He has shared the stage with a number of well known musicians including: the Hieroglyphics, Akil the MC, DJ Shadow, Blockhead, Baauer, Vaski and Eskmo. Heilig combines acrylic paints with micron pens to create visually strirking illustrations on poster sized canvases. Heilig is strongly dedicated to the local community and volunteers his time for several non profit organizations, including: SEABA, The Root Center, and WRUV 90.1 FM,Burlington.

Heilig shares a studio space with Jenke Arts, upstairs at the top of Church Street, and his works can also be purchased at his online store: shopheilig.blogspot.com

Check out his rain barrel here.

Johanne Yordan

Johanne Yordan

I am a self- taught artist who as an adult went back to school to redefine what it was I wanted to accomplish with my art. I attended many classes at the UVM in a two year period which helped me to grow immensely as an artist. After experimenting with my art for a while, a life altering event caused a complete shift in how I painted.

Prior to this shift, I painted about what I saw and knew which included still life and landscapes. It then became more about what I felt and about pushing the boundaries of how I had previously painted. This release allowed me to paint with freedom and emotion which for me led to a very different means of expression, a very abstract expression.

As I continue on in my journey of abstract painting, I find more fascination and freedom to explore and experiment. Some paintings are deliberate and are meant to evoke specific emotions while others are an exploration of technique, color and texture. Many of my paintings are well planned while others are very impromptu. Some of my paintings have included found or collected items which add depth and meaning to combine form and function to my work.

See Johanne’s rain barrel here, and more of her work at www.jdyart.com

Tove Ohlander

Tove Ohlander

Owner and Creative Director at AO Glass Works. Also works with illustration and art at Clear Story Workshop.
Originally from Sweden, I choose VT for love for my husband first. Secondly for the creativity mixed with common sense that most of us share around here. And the nature is very much like were I grew up.

What hit me when I visited over 16 years ago was that “the environment” was in your face here in a way that I had never experienced anywhere else. Honestly we had a glass studio outside Oslo where I was surprised of folks ignorantly littering, like drinking a full box of milk chocolate and then toss it behind you. So, after our final move here 6 years ago, I still remember that random act of kindness or perhaps common sense that made me totally convinced that Burlington is a great place to live in: walking into town in front of me is a teenager. He passes one of the blue recycle bins where a bottle has spilled out. The guy bends down, picks it up and put the bottle in the blue bin. It did not belong to him or anybody he knew. It may sound small, but I was not used to see that kind of community sense.

That was not about rain water, and not about glass or illustrations, which are my mediums. But it was about why I choose to be a part of this exhibition, to be a part of emphasizing what we already know: that we have to take great care of nature and each other. In addition to creating some rain barrels with AO Glass Works, I created new glass gift items connected to our Lake Champlain and the water theme. Check them out!

Check out Tove’s rain barrel here.


Robin Kent

Robin Kent

I have a B.A. in art with addtional studies at the Boston MFA’s Museum School in Classical painting. But as a frustrated sculptor, I create painted assemblages, it’s a way to include my love of both using wood boards in place of canvas. I can be found in our carriage barn sawing and painting on long winter nights.

Growing in style, creating new pieces, and maintaining my own distinctive look is my objective. Most subjects come from daily life. Sometimes many ideas come out as themes from old recollections of childhoood, hobbies, etc. Some ideas are discovered the day before at the grocery store. Many times a piece of scrap wood says it all and the work is built around that initial vision.

Capturing those ideas into a visual from before they fade from consciousness is the ultimate challenge.

Check out Robin’s rain barrel here.

See more of Robin’s work or contact the artist directly at www.artisansatthebend.com.


Jerome Foster

Jerome Foster, a.k.a. Jeronimo, hails from Bennington, Vermont with no formal training in the arts, and describes himself as a live digital artist, street artist, illustrator, and fine artist. Jeronimo developed his eclectic, lucid style early on, and draws influences from comic book art, graffiti, and various forms of concept art and illustration work. He has a handful of commisioned mural installments in and around Burlington VT.

Check out Jerome’s rain barrel here.

Mark Eliot Schwabe

Mark Eliot Schwabe

Mark Eliot Schwabe, SteamSmith, has been working with metals for decades. He first learned traditional jewelry making skills from his father, James Author Schwabe. Later, as a student at Albany State, he learned large scale metal working techniques from renowned sculptor Richard Stankiewicz.

His credits as an artist include many solo & group exhibitions in Vermont, NYC and Albany, NY, among others. Along the way he was asked to make small scale original sculptings for Star Trek & Star Wars licensed products and many objects for museum gift shops.

In 2008 Schwabe discovered SteamPunk. He was “completely blown away” by the genre. He adopted the pseudonym “SteamSmith” and set about using his metal working skills to make unique jewelry and small sculpture. He has received considerable recognition for his work in the field. His work was the only jewelry in last summers SteamPunk exhibit at the Shelburne Museum, his work was included in “Steampunkinetics”, a major SteamPunk exhibit in NYC and he has become an exhibit in The SteamPunk Museum, an online museum “exhibiting the inspirational people, events & artifacts of the Steampunk community.”

His SteamPunk style is instantly recognizable. It is marked by considerable detail, quality of workmanship and the occasional moving part.

Check out Mark’s rain barrel here.

website: www.AllPropellersSpin.com

biographical video by Vermont filmmaker H E Albee: http://youtu.be/KEEOey57qrw

facebook: www.facebook.com/AllPropellersSpin

BClark Photo

Brian Clark

Brian is a muralist specializing in aerosol art. His mural works can be seen in and around Burlington or you may also catch him painting live at local events.

Check out Brian’s rain barrel here.

Haley Bishop

Haley Bishop

Originally from California, Haley Bishop has spent most of her life in Vermont. She attended Burlington Tech Center, studying Design & Illustration, before receiving her BFA from the School Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University. Haley loves working with children, and when not creating art, works as a nanny. She often involves them in her art, and feels that her own work has a very childlike quality. See more of Haley’s work at www.haleyalyssabishop.com

Check out Haley’s rain barrel here.

SRaymond photo

Scottie Raymond

Scottie Raymond is a Burlington-based muralist, visual and performance artist. His public art can be found all over New England and his fine art paintings are regularly on display in galleries and other art spaces. His art often showcases the friction between the cerebral and the literal, the metaphor and the reality. Scottie draws from his experiences and searches to create work that asks questions without offering answers, leaving the rest to the viewer. Outside of the studio Scottie (a.k.a. eSKaeone) also performs as an emcee as part of Bless the Child and 2nd Agenda as well as with his own solo material more often as a Spoken Word Poet. Married to his wife Maribeth for almost ten years and with two daughters, Isabel and Mirium, much of his written work leans toward affirmations of love, criticisms of pop culture and its false emphasis on beauty, and an attempt at sound advice.

Check out Scottie’s rain barrel here.

RArentzen pic

Rich Arentzen

Rich is co-owner of AO Glass Works in Burlington, VT. www.aoglass.com.

Check out Rich’s rain barrel here.


Sarah Waite

My illustrations are inspired by art of the Northwest Coast, using the natural forms of animals, plants, and trees of the Northeast, in a formline and symbolic style. For the rain barrel project for the Winooski Conservation District, as in all of my drawing, the subject is the interconnection of all animal and plant life, and water is a unifying element. Just as my illustrations rely on harmony among forms, so too does the natural world. I’m happy to be a part of Winooski Conservation District’s efforts to educate on the impact of our actions across the ecosystem.

You can see more of my work at Frog Hollow Craft Center in Burlington, the Vault Gallery in Springfield, Vt. or at www.VtBrownBear.net

Jackie Bishop Image

Jackie Bishop

I am an artist. I have been an artists ever since I could wield a pencil. Back then I made up children’s books on the weekends, creating my own text and pictures. I was constantly honing my craft and always dreaming about what could be. I focused heavily on art in high school, taking additional lessons at local city art organizations in Albany and Troy, NY. In 2002, I moved to Burlington, VT for college and combined my love of art and my love of the written word by double majoring in Graphic Design and Professional Writing. I graduatioed in 2007 with two bachelor’s degrees, and a complete lack of career direction. Despite the technological skills I had gained in my undergraduate studies I still felt most fulfilled working as a fine artist, drawing on paper and painting by hand. For several years I lived, worked and created art with no idea about what the future might bring. In 2010, I began working for a fellow artist taking over the marketing and design responsibilities that come with being a “working artist.” I learned how artists can support themselves and opened up my eyes to what the art community has to offer. Since then I have immersed myself as an artist in the local art scene and began a renewed journey towards becoming a “working artist” myself. Although I still am unsure about what the future holds I find a relaxing sense of comfort in my continued learning and creation of art.

Check out Jackie’s rain barrel here.


Lucas Lonegren

Lucas Lonegren

I was born and raised on Caspian lake in the northeast kingdom of Vermont.
The lake is place of complete serenity for me, and has served as a great inspiration in my work with glass. I owned and operated Caspian hot glass studio on the waters edge for 12 years before deciding to move it to Burlington to join AO Glass. Champlain is intriguing to me as it is so much larger and the sturgeons are such a symbol of the lake life here in Burlington. Dwelling deep down in the darkness the sturgeons bring a sense of timelessness and ancient wisdom. I decided to use the Sturgeon as a totem animal on my art barrel for raising awareness of the importance of clean rain water, and clean lakes.

Check out his rain barrel here.


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Mark Dabelstein


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